Surrender Of Lease Agreement Ny

2. At the tenant`s request, the lessor and tenant agree that the tenancy agreement be terminated at the time of the expiry of the tenancy agreement and terminated on the same terms, alliances and conditions, as if the term of the lease had of course expired on the expiry date of the tenancy agreement. The tenant waives all tenant rental rights may have, or have other claims by the tenants, regarding the rental contract and the apartment. 2. The tenant tells the owners, at the time of termination, the rented premises and the tenancy and all rights in this case with the intention that the remainder not expired from the term of the tenancy and all renewals are gathered and extinguished in the conversion, and the tenants release in favour of the lessor, from the date of termination , all its rights, title and interest in and for rental and rental properties. 2. Handed over. (a) With effect on the date of this period (the “Surrender Date”), the tenant will detract, abandon and leave ownership of the premises to the lessor and, in order for the remainder of the lease term to be fully merged and extinguished on the date of the surrender, the tenant will grant, grant and surrender all rights, titles and shares of the tenant to and under the tenancy. From the date of delivery, the tenancy agreement and its duration as well as all the tenant`s rights expire and end with the same effect as if the delivery date was the expiry date according to the tenancy. The apartment on the tenth floor will be returned in condition, except for the requirements that the tenants leave the tenth floor of the state of the broom state and that the tenants leave all his furniture (except ten (10) six feet (6`) high filing cabinets) in the tenth floor of the space. The seventh floor is returned to its condition from the date of delivery. (f) the tenant (1) must pay, if applicable, all transfer taxes collected by a government authority in connection with the handing over of premises, including, but not only to the City Transfer Tax and the State Transfer Tax (as defined below), and (2) agrees that the lessor is subject to all transfer taxes levied by a government authority for the surrender of the premises.

, and, without restriction, the city transfer tax and the state transfer tax, if any, and all related expenses, including, but not limited to reasonable legal fees and payments. The landlord and tenant must fill in, complete and deliver, within seven (7) days, at the request of one of the other party`s parties, any questionnaire, sworn statement or tax document imposed by Title 11, Chapter 21 of the New York Administrative Code (the “City Transfer Tax”) and section 31 of the New York State Tax Act (the “State Transfer Tax”). which must be concluded, exported and delivered by the lessor and the tenant with respect to the transactions in this amendment, and taxes, if proven to be due, are paid by the tenant if required by the law or regulations.