Silica Sand Supply Agreement

“We are pleased to announce our agreement with U.S. Silica, which Pioneer will provide for the foreseeable future to inexpensive West Texas sands,” said Timothy Dove, President and CEO of Pioneer Natural Resources. “Strategically located near our Midland Basin area, the sand delivered from the Lamesa mine will cost about half of our currently delivered sands, reducing the cost of the well through 2019 and beyond. The long-term nature of this agreement will benefit both companies. Bryan Shinn, President and CEO of U.S. Silica, said, “We are pleased to develop and deepen our relationship with Pioneer, one of our largest and most trusted customers. This unique and very long-term contract on our new lamesa site brings considerable added value to the two Perm companies and clearly corresponds to our stated objective of obtaining sustainable and predictable free cash flow from our oil and gas facilities. Vancouver, BC – Select Sands Corp. (TSX-V:SNS) OTCQX: SLSDF (the “company”) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Select Sands America Corp., has entered into a three-year supply contract with a major Cap exploration and production company in The Eagle Ford Basin. The contract relates to the supply of Select Sands` 100 mesh product.

Pioneer Natural Resources entered into a long-term sand supply contract with Us-Silica and purchased a stake in the Us-Silica sand reserves at its Lamesa mine in West Texas. Joe O`Rourke Director of Sales Phone: 713-689-8000 DALLAS–BUSINESS WIRE-sep. 11th, 2018– Pioneer Natural Resources Company (NYSE: PXD) (“Pioneer”) and U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SLCA) (“U.S. Silica”) announced today that the companies have entered into a long-term sand supply agreement with which Pioneer will acquire a stake in U.S. Silica`s sand reserves in its Blade, Texas, Texas. This agreement ensures a long-term delivery of sand from the mine, with U.S.

silica processing and sand delivery to Pioneer for 15 years. Select Sands President and CEO Zig Vitols said: “Our strategy of making more efficient use of Eagle Ford`s operators and printing pumps with our new recharging capabilities at George West is a success with the signing of this contract with this bigwig exploration and production company. This delivery contract will provide Select Sands with guaranteed minimum purchases from our proppant, while the operator will have reliable and quality support near their wells, which will allow them to save money on the last kilometre. By signing this agreement, the two companies ensure that 100 high-quality Northern Mesh White Sand are used to achieve production results that seek successful exploration and production companies. We are very pleased to announce this multi-year contract and look forward to starting to deliver our sands in January 2020. We continue to focus on ensuring other potential opportunities in all basins for our high quality white sand. “This unique and very long-term contract at our new lamesa site brings significant added value to both Perm companies and clearly aligns with our stated goal of achieving a sustainable and predictable return on free cash flow from our oil and gas facilities,” said Bryan Shinn, President and CEO of U.S. Silica. U.S.

Silica is a major commercial silica manufacturer, which is used in the oil and gas industry and in a variety of industrial applications with headquarters in Katy, Texas, and with offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Frederick, Maryland. For more information on American silica, visit According to Pioneer, the Lamesa mine is expected to produce about 6 million tonnes per year, mainly finely finely 100 mesh and 40/70 mesh sands, with initial production expected in the fourth quarter of 2018. Pioneer also expects the first volume of sand to increase in the first quarter of 2019, from about 1.4 million tonnes in 2019 to 2 million tonnes in 2020 and beyond.