Mpeg La License Agreement Pdf

(Denver, Colorado, USA – January 27, 2005) – To meet new market requirements, MPEG LA, LLC announced today that it plans to expand the stroke patent portfolio to include Fidelity Range (“FRExt/AVC”) recently added to the AVC/H.264 video standard (ISO/IEC IS14496-10). For unlicensed licensees, the current fees made available under the stroke patent license remain unchanged and continue to apply, whether one or more stroke profiles (including FRExt/stroke) are used. The amended licence, which is expected to be discontinued in March 2005, would include both existing and future licensees. With approximately 400 patents® Librassay makes available to all the world`s leading research organizations through a one stop license. Librassay® should be particularly useful for diagnostic tests of new multiplexes for diseases and other health conditions, including complete genome sequencing, which may require patent rights from several parties. Ken Rubenstein, senior counsel for MPEG LA®, said the company would not take legal action against manufacturers who “do not accept a license,” but acknowledged that some patent holders could do so. “We will not prosecute anyone for patent infringement if they don`t pay,” he said. “Companies need to decide if they don`t want to be laid off and take the risk that this entails. MPEG LA® as a single unit will not be so difficult. MPEG LA represents Columbia University and nine companies that claim 29 key patents for MPEG-2 video. Rubenstein said these companies hold about 80 percent of the major MPEG-2 patents, but acknowledge that other patents could be introduced later into the pool. He said Lucent Technologies Inc. (LU) was considering joining the patent pool.

MPEG LA® also hopes to bring toshiba and Samsung on board, bringing the total number of patents in the pool to 33. From August 26, 2008, licenses will be available under these SISVEL DVB-T patents as an alternative to negotiating separate licenses with individual patent holders. Existing licensees receive further information from MPEG LA on the details of the transmission.