Local Employment Agreements

The job must be created through a written employment contract and a copy of the employment contract must be made available to the employee. In the event that the decision is not made, the resulting disputes are recorded in the registers and the employer has the right to accept local statutes that contain labour rules that can be appealed within the National Labour Unit or before the courts, while the voting union body has the right to initiate the proceedings of a collective dispute in accordance with the procedure provided by this code. Persons who have been guilty of failing to provide the information necessary for collective bargaining and of exercising control over compliance with collective agreements are liable to fines in the manner set out in federal law. In Roman law, the corresponding dichotomy was that between locatio conductio operarum (employment contract) and locatio conductio operis (service contract). [3] [4] The termination of the employment contract after the execution of the injury does not absolve the contracting party of the material liability of that code and other federal statutes. The employer must send a copy of the employment contract to the TLO in which the company is registered and obtain approval from the TLO. Since the employment contract must be concluded within 30 days of the start of employment, the authorization of TLO should be taken into account within that time. B by the prior approval of TLO before the contract is executed. Companies with less than 5 employees are not required to submit registration contracts, but they must nevertheless use the standard model.

The employer has the right to apply the annual leave provisions of the collective agreement in the employment relations of workers who are not covered by the collective agreement, but which require the employer to comply with the provisions of the collective agreement provided by the Employment Contracts Act (436/1946). Occupational health and safety policy is mandatory when the employer employs at least 20 workers in the workplace, sexual harassment measures in which the employer employs more than 25 workers, and disciplinary and redress policies.