Hamilton Island Collective Agreement

If you live on the island, you will spend Monday and Tuesday moving into your new home, doing your paperwork, collecting your uniforms and making sure all your essential preparations are completed before employment. On Wednesday, you will participate in our induction program that will give you an overview of the company`s structure and policies (including customer service and personal care standards, rules and regulations, workplace health and safety), our island values and all the benefits of our teamwork. Your department manager introduces you to your workstation and your colleagues and provides you with your service chart. Depending on the position, you can also participate in training programs before you start working in the workplace. This data is available to you when you arrive. If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. However, registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. You will be received at the airport by your boarding director. To orient yourself, you only have to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Your boarding director helps you: your personal care, hygiene and presentation are very important to offer our customers an excellent holiday experience. During the operation, staff must not have visible tattoos and visible body piercings (including tongue bolts) must be removed.

The comprehensive care policy (including other jewellery and hygiene specifications) is made available on arrival. The full care directive is posted here. If you are not explicitly told to bring your own uniform, you will receive a uniform. . You have secured the work of your dreams, you have packed your bags and you get off the plane during the beautiful Sundays of Pentecost. What`s going on now? The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers who are embarking on the “New Approaches” program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Work Commission website.