Engagement Agreement Legal Services

The firm processes the client`s personal data, such as the name, identification code, contact information, business activities or other personal data disclosed by the client to the company or that the company has discovered about the client while providing legal services, to the extent necessary to provide legal services and carry out its work to fulfill its obligations in relation to money laundering, customer relationship management and marketing. The registry complies with the Privacy Act for the handling of customers` personal data. The company does not transmit customers` personal data to third parties without the customer`s consent, except to achieve the above objectives, in order to assist service providers such as accounting to the company, if required by law or if the customer contract allows it. The firm retains the client`s personal data for the duration of the client`s contract and, thereafter, as long as required by law, z.B. on accountants, or for the protection of the firm`s rights, for example. B against claims. The client has all rights granted to the Data Protection Act, including the right to information and the right to request corrections or their removal. The firm and its lawyers will do their best to provide quality legal services to the client, but neither the firm nor its lawyers can guarantee a successful outcome for the client. The Registry and its lawyers are liable for the direct property damage suffered by the client as a result of gross negligence or a deliberate violation of the law in the provision of legal services. In any event, the liability of the registry and its lawyers to the client for the damage caused by the performance of his work is limited to 1,000,000 euros. When new information emerges, for example. B, a change in legislation or precedent, or if other circumstances change after the provision of legal services to the client, the entity is not required to modify or correct the information in any form or in a legal form document given to the client during the provision of legal services if the client has not applied for a new obligation. While it is necessary to use external experts, consultants, patent lawyers or others during the provision of legal services, the registry is not responsible for the veracity of its analyses, statements or other information.

The liability limits in this point do not apply in cases or to the extent that liability limits are not authorized by law. Fixed project costs – this system is recommended to customers when the task is clear enough and the company can predict the workload. A fixed fee ensures clarity for both parties and means that the customer knows exactly how much the company charges for its services, regardless of the actual workload. Unless the customer has refused, the company has the right to send the customer free suggestions for continuing to provide legal services in the form of a newsletter containing legal information, questionnaires on the quality of company services or customer satisfaction, marketing materials and invitations to company-organized events, such as customer seminars.B. Offers are sent on behalf of the company. The client has all the rights conferred on him by the Privacy Act. The customer has the right not to receive such offers by following the instructions of each offer or by informing the company of this wish by glimstedt@glimstedt.ee by e-mail. Hourly Base – This system is recommended when it is not possible to accurately predict workload, or for smaller orders.

With the hourly rate system, we can send a report on the work done before each invoice, to give a clear idea of the importance of the work involved and to allow the client to ask detailed questions.