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What will happen after this agreement expiresAfter the end of this agreement, we ask that our name be removed from the protocol of all legal proceedings in which we act, unless you have another form of funding and you remain to work for you. We then have the right to decide whether you should pay our basic fees and payments, including legal fees, if we ask for it; or — Pay our basic fees and payments, including legal and success fees, if you win your damages. (b) Payments to us if we terminate this agreement (i) We may terminate this agreement if you do not meet your responsibilities in condition 2. Words such as “our payments,” “basic fees,” “win” and “lose” are explained in State 3 of the Law Society terms, which you should also read carefully. Contract Date [] I/Us, Lawyer/sYou, ClientWhat is the matter of this agreement– Your claim against [] damages for bodily harm that has been received on [— any claim by your opponent.– Any complaint you make against an injunction during the proceedings.– Any procedure you initiate for the enforcement of a judgment, order or order. What is not covered by this agreement — any counter-action against you — any complaint you make against the final decision. Pay usIf you earn your rights, pay our basic fees, payments and success fees. This approach was taken up by Mr. Gordon-Saker in the interesting Case vilvarajah v. West London Law SCCO 17 May 2017 Master Gordon-Saker, where he found, mainly due to a high hourly rate of 420 $US for relatively trivial litigation, that it would be appropriate to terminate the conditional agreement under Section 61 and assess costs. A total bill of $31,945.48 was reduced to $15,323.20.

It was presented, on behalf of Mr. Street, that, in these circumstances, the court cannot decide that the agreement created a lease without infringing on the contractual freedom of both parties. Gentlemen, Mr Street, has enjoyed the freedom to give Mrs Mountford the right to occupy the rooms contained in the agreement on legal terms, as Mr Street appreciated. Ms. Mountford had the freedom to negotiate with Mr. Street for other conditions. Both parties enjoyed the freedom to enter into or not to enter into contracts, and both parties exercised that freedom by detracting from contracts on the terms set out in the written agreement and no other contract. However, the legal consequences of the agreement can only be determined after its conclusion by taking into account the effect of the agreement. If the agreement meets all the conditions of a lease agreement, the agreement has resulted in a lease agreement and the parties cannot alter the effect of the agreement by insisting that they have established only one licence.