Agreement For Services And Fees Migration Agent

2. The choice of the company You as a customer has retained the services of Visa Solutions to represent you and your family unit immediately (if any) on an immigration issue. Complaint procedure: As a registered migration officer, I am bound by ethical requirements related to my professional behaviour. We provide a copy of the information on the consumer guide and code of conduct. This information is considered part of this agreement. These facilities are available on our website Consideration for any delivery to be made under this Agreement is tax-free on goods and services. In the event of VAT on deliveries or services that are made or charged under this Agreement, you agree as a customer to pay these taxes. 19. Free advice Our first free online tip is only used to prequalify a potential customer for our services. Early consultants do not offer legal advice, as they are generally not lawyers. Therefore, you should not act or rely on the information provided during the first free consultation.

Only existing paying clients have access to legal advice oversight counsel. If your agent has completed a work block, he will send you an invoice to show you that your agent cannot do work for you in a way that unnecessarily increases the cost of work, for example by getting advice from specialists if they are not needed. Charge Disputes End of our engagement: you can at any time end our engagement in writing, with the termination of this contract, MY VISA ONLINE will charge the customer AUD 300.00 per hour or 100% of the value of the contract, depending on the highest amount. If you do, you must pay our fees until that date. There may be circumstances (for example. B conflicts of interest) that prevent us from continuing to act for you. In this case, we will contact you immediately. If you do not pay our account or if you do not pay money in advance on request, we can stop work until we are paid. If the account remains unpaid, we will no longer be able to act for you. My services are terminated in accordance with Part 10 of the Code of Conduct. MY VISA ONLINE offers student visa services, temporary visas and permanent visas to Australia for students, professionals and migrants. As a member of the Migration Agents Registration Authority [MARA], we continue to abide by the MARA Code of Conduct, which is defined by the Migration Act 1958, our policy of guaranteeing/refunding NOT APPLYzuall for all circumstances in which the customer has a change of plans decides not to pursue, or anything regarding the termination of the agreement after the maintenance of Visa Solutions services.

The agent is not required to file the applicant`s application with the Immigration and Citizenship Department or the screening body until the payment has been made in full of the costs due and to be paid at that stage. Payments: You are responsible for the payment of expenses we have made on your behalf.