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About Us is the online division of Autopilot Internet Income Pte Ltd, founded by one of the world's most recognized and respected online business experts, Ewen Chia.

Autopilot Internet Income Pte Ltd's core mission is to promote and teach Internet marketing and internet entrepreneurship as the vehicle for income generation, lead acquisition and unlimited global expansion.

Ewen Chia's Background


Ewen holds a B(Sc) Management Honors degree from the University of London. After graduation, he held a sales and marketing job, struggling to make ends meet just like every working person. Striving to earn extra income, he started learning the internet business in 1997.


For 5 years, he worked on his internet business part-time, every day from 11pm - 3am while still holding a full-time job!


Ewen was extremely motivated to succeed to build a better life for his family and to clear credit card debts. After years of perseverance, learning and little sleep, he started to make real money online and it hasn't stopped since. Here's just one of the many monthly checks he received from the internet (2006!):


Some Of Ewen Chia’s Achievements

  • Created a product called “Secret Affiliate Weapon” which became one of the main training sites many of today’s “gurus” got their start from. Over 100,000 copies of the product has been sold.

  • Launched an affiliate marketing coaching program, “Super Affiliate Cloning Program”, that generated sales of US$1.497 MILLION in 48 hours.

  • Created “Autopilot Profits” which became one of the most popular internet marketing products till this day. The site has done over US$4 MILLION in sales from a $27 ebook.

  • Launched a membership site “Super Affiliates Inner Circle” that registered 5,000+ PAYING MEMBERS in 2 days.

  • Wrote a print book that became a #1 International bestseller in less than 24 hours!

The above are just some of the internet projects from Ewen Chia and you’ll see more from him soon. He can teach anyone or any business how to leverage the internet for massive profits.

From his experience as a self-taught internet entrepreneur, Ewen wants to teach other people and companies how to use the internet to get huge results. He has created materials, both online and offline, to teach Internet entrepreneurship around the world.

In fact, thousands of his students had been able to quit their day jobs and make their own income online through his proven training and teaching materials!

Ewen is so passionate about teaching the internet business because it can truly help people live a better life and achieve dreams. Anyone who is willing to learn, put in effort and take positive action can change their life with the internet.


"The World's #1 Super Affiliate"

Since starting as an early Internet business pioneer in 1997, Ewen has truly come a long way...

Today he is one of the world's most famous and respected internet marketing experts. He is often called upon for his ingenious marketing advice, especially in the areas of affiliate marketing, list building, product creation and branding.

Ewen is also referred to as the “World’s #1 Super Affiliate” and his name is synonymous with Affiliate Marketing, although this is not all he does.

Widely acknowledged as the "secret weapon" of many internet marketers, he has the uncanny ability to trounce the competition and take on the coveted #1 reseller spot in almost every marketing rollout if he wishes to. 


#1 International Best-Selling Author, Trainer And Speaker

Besides running his many internet businesses, Ewen is also a highly sought after international speaker who has toured around the world sharing his Internet business knowledge while helping thousands of people.

In November 2006 (Singapore), Ewen received the first ever “World Internet Challenge” trophy for starting a brand new Internet business from scratch and generating US$80,000.00 in 3 days from that very business - right in front of an amazed audience of 1,000 participants!

Best Speaker: World Internet Summit (Australia)

In Australia, Ewen was unanimously voted the Best Speaker out of 10 other international speakers by the audience at World Internet Summit for his breakthrough presentation and sincerity in helping people become successful online.

Best Speaker: World Internet Mega Summit (Singapore)

Speaking in front of almost 4,000 participants, Ewen won praises for his teachings, motivational speech and convincing demonstration that completely captured the much so that he received a standing ovation and the best speaker award at the event!

"How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too!"

In 2009, Ewen launched his first ever print book, "How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too". This book was credited with bringing internet marketing to the mainstream.

Within 24 hours of launch, internet marketing history was created as the book shot to #1 MAIN BESTSELLER LISTS on both Amazon and Barnes & Nobles at the same time!

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