Remax Tenancy Agreement

To secure your position as a licensed tenant for the house, you must sign and rent a rental agreement, fees and pay the deposit within three (3) days of the day we inform you that your/your applications have been accepted. This amount is calculated based on the date of the signature/withdrawal of the leah in proportion. If your signing or withdrawal date is the 20th, you will also have to pay the rent and fees for the following month if you sign the rental agreement. If the house is empty at the time of the rental application, you must take possession of the property within fourteen (14) days after signing the rental agreement. Feel free to return them to our office by email or to the office of 4/7 Hudson Road, Albion. Your rental obligation will be filed with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA). The bond is guarded by them as a guarantee against damage, excessive wear or cleaning after extinction. Be sure to protect your loan by leaving your property in the state you first started occupying. As soon as you leave, as a managing agent, we will inspect the property and compare the condition at the end of your lease with the state it was in at the beginning. With the exception of fair wear and tear, you may be liable for any cleaning, rent or damage.

Keep in mind that your loan is usually equal to 1 month`s rent for non-bright premises. If you pay $300 a week, your loan is $1300, so let your property look good so your loan can be returned. Welcome letter to new tenants – Important information during your tenancy We have rents that match your lifestyle. With rentals throughout Nanaimo, there is definitely one in your desired neighborhood. After looking at one of our rentals and wanting to take the next step to live there, apply for re/MAX Property Management and get the rental agreement approved below. Lessinger Teamwwww.thelessingerteam.comDavid Morris Groupwww.davidmorrisgroup.comMike and Alena Smithwww.renohomesale.netTony Lyerlywww.tonylyerly.comTami Eifertw.tamieifert.comChante Rental Bond is a sum of money, which is paid by a tenant as a form of guarantee for the lessor against any breach of the agreement, such as damage or excessive wear.